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Author Topic: Guild Application  (Read 3994 times)
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« on: May 08, 2008, 03:55:36 pm »

After you create a user account with the name of the character you are applying with copy and paste the following form and fill in the information requested in a new forum post.

Please make sure you have reviewed our guild rules and policies and our currently recruiting listing before posting.

Once we have responded to your application and decided to accept or reject it the application will be removed from public viewing.

If you would prefer to keep your application private you may send this information to Plum via a private message.

Keep in mind that this may be the first contact you have with the guild so you will be judged by the quality and effort put into your application.

<Invalid Target> Application for guild membership

Character name:

Character Class / Level / Race:

Player Age:

Do you want to apply for a raider position (yes/no)?

Please provide a link to this character if available:

Please provide a link to a recent world of logs report or other wow combat meter with this character in it:
     (if you do not know what that is please say so)

Please provide a brief description of your current spec and it's usefulness in raids:

What do you consider to be one most important talent for your spec and why?

Could you explain one fundamental skill for playing your class effectively, and give an example how you use this?

Do you have any previous raiding experience in 25 man content?

How do you typically prepare for a raid, what consumables/buffs do you bring?

Please list your professions along with any rare or special patterns:

Have you been in any other guilds (please list them)?

Do you know anyone in Invalid Target?

What type of computer / internet connection do you have?

Are you easily offended, does crude humor upset you at all?

How often do you play WoW (please list your typical play schedule)?

Besides attending raids how would you be an asset to this guild?

Do you enjoy theorycrafting (discussing WoW fundamentals and min/max number crunching)?

What are your favorite user interface addons for WoW?

Do you read any WoW related forums regularly (please list them)?

What is the main reason you want to join <Invalid Target>?

Please tell us what you think about bacon?

You have two jars, 50 red marbles and 50 blue marbles. A jar will be picked at random, and then a marble will be picked from the jar. Placing all of the marbles in the jars, how can you maximize the chances of a red marble being picked?  What are the exact odds of getting a red marble using your scheme? Explain your answer.

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