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Author Topic: Guild rules and policies - PLEASE READ  (Read 2502 times)
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« on: October 14, 2008, 02:03:22 am »

What is a guild?

American Heritage Dictionary defines it as "an association of persons of the same trade or pursuits, formed to protect the mutual interests and maintain standards". I do think that we are more than just this  definition but I also believe it does apply to us.

Our "trade" or "pursuit" is enjoying playing World of Warcraft. Our mutual interests are to progress through all of the gameís available content. And in order to accomplish this goal we must maintain standards. We strive to maintain standards in the quality of people that we choose to allow into our guild. Yes, of course, we want smart players who can perform their tasks better than most. More importantly, we want people that we can enjoy spending many hours with every week.

I want to make sure that everyone understands and is on the same page. This game is about having fun and one of the biggest responsibilities of the guild leadership is to make sure that things stay fun. While it is totally impossible to create a scenario that is fun for all of the people in the world (of warcraft), what we have done is establish our own guidelines and standards that will hopefully fit into what all of you find to be fun, too. Now I understand that it can be difficult to know what to expect when joining a guild. This is why all new members undergo an initiation period. During this time you can decide if our guild is fun for you and the rest of the guild gets a chance to see how you fit in.


We only have on big rule for members of Invalid target to follow and that is "DON'T BE AN ASSHAT".

Ok, I know this rule sounds a little vague and it really relies on the individual being able to understand what an Asshat is. I'll refer to the first listing in

        One whose head is so far up their rear end it could pass for a hat; used to describe a person who is stubborn, cruel, or otherwise unpleasant to be around.

The key here is that we don't want people around who make things unpleasant in the guild. It should not be that hard to understand what might be considered unpleasant. Frankly, if someone cannot tell if they are causing a problem then clearly it's not the type of person that we need in this guild. We have all enjoyed our share of crude humor about 10 manning Villgar's mom (/jk man). I'm not trying to say crude humor is not welcome (I think its the best kind). What is unpleasant is when people address each other with no respect or deliberately say things knowing it will incite conflict. And by the way if you do happen to piss someone off with a comment its ok for you to talk to them privately to let them know it was unintentional.


We have a very open communication with everyone in the guild, on the forum, as well as on vent. However, there are some basic rules that apply to fit within our guild standards that you should consider before speaking or typing.

1) Keep your comment constructive.

   Be clear and courteous when speaking. Remain calm and never yell. Before you speak make sure your comment is helpful.

Good Comment: Is it possible to drop your totem closer to the wall? Itís hard for me to stay in range with my assigned spot.

2) Keep your comments on topic (especially in raid), don't say random stupid things on vent (it's not funny).

   If you need to make a comment please make sure it is relevant and observe vent courtesy at all times. This guild does not recruit children and if you feel the need to act like one I must assume you are no longer interested in being in the guild.

Good Comment: I agree, we should totally pwn Magtheridon 'til we all have bags and epic gems for our alts!
Bad Comment: Poo Poo Kaa Kaa I am sofa king we todd did.... I smell vanilla pudding...

3) Try to keep a civil tone when addressing people.

   Advice wrapped in an insult is really just an insult and is not actually helpful. When dealing with fellow guild members please be respectful. If you are not able to follow this rule then please refrain from speaking/typing.

Good Comment: I'm not sure if you have all the facts on this encounter. When I was there the hunters did just fine.
Bad Comment: You have no fucking idea what you are talking about.

4) PLEASE keep vent chatter to a minimum during raids.

Obviously if there is something relevant you need to say, then please do. But we need to make sure the raid leaders have an open channel when they need it.

5) Itís important to keep a positive attitude (even when we are working on difficult content).

More specifically, if you cannot maintain a positive attitude please feel free to shut the fuck up. None of us enjoy boss wipes and hearing someone bitch about it won't help at all. Also moaning and bitching when we are not even in raid is worse, please take  it to the blizzard class forums, k thanks.

6) Please offer raid advice BEFORE the raid.

It's true that we encourage input from our raiders regarding raid strategies. However please reserve these comments for the proper time. If you use the tactics forum on the website to express your ideas all of the raid leaders will get a chance to evaluate the advice and see if we can use it. Once we have decided to pursue a boss the raid leaders have already spent time analyzing the strategies and coming up with the best plan for our group. After we are in the raid we like to stick to the plan if its at all possible and too many comments will just lead to distractions.

Even though we are playing a game through the internet I think the amount of time we invest and the social interaction involved supersedes any feeling of internet anonymity we might have. We should treat each other as if we had to deal with each other face to face for several hours each week. So try to show respect for all of your fellow guild members.

Hopefully by reading this you can get some idea of what kind of a guild Invalid target is. We have worked hard to create a pleasant atmosphere and remain successful at beating the shit out of digital monsters.

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